Writing a Resume That Sizzles!

Writing a Resume That Sizzles!

If you apply for a job position of any kind, how many competitors do you think you will be up against? In addition to this, how many of them will have outstanding resumes that could beat yours in terms of how good they are?

If you want the best possible chance of snagging that job, you need to think about making your resume sizzle. It’s not enough for it to be efficient – it needs to sell your skills and achievements so potential employers can see exactly what you have to offer. It might seem strange to think of yourself as something that is up for sale like this, but as you’ll see it actually works extremely well.

What is the employer looking for?

Let’s say an employer is looking for someone to join their sales team. Now you could have an extensive background in sales and it would probably be tempting to sit down and write about all the duties you undertake.

But here’s the thing – it would make for an incredibly boring resume! So, instead of thinking about what you do, try thinking about what you have achieved.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you regularly close sales for your company. Instead of saying that, tell your prospective employer exactly how many sales you have completed. Think in percentages and also in benefits for your employer. Have you increased sales by 45%? Maybe you have brought in 50% more clients this year than last year?

Giving the employer results in your resume proves you have the skills they are looking for. By focusing purely on your accomplishments, you can turn out a far stronger resume than you would if you just went for the typical boring list format of telling people what you do.

The other major benefit of doing this is that it will automatically bring your resume to the top of the pile when the employer is looking through all the ones they have been sent. This is the ideal way to improve your chances of getting the job you have applied for – no matter how much competition your resume might have.

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