What is a Resume?

What is a Resume?

Put simply, a resume is a document that is used when an individual is looking for a job. It is used to show potential employers what they are capable of and what experience they have.  The individual will put together a resume that will hopefully open the door to the interview they want.

But a resume is much more than just a list of previous experience and qualifications. It is a marketing tool, although it is doubtful that many people think of it in such a way. However it is true – if you are up against, say, a dozen other people for the same job, you need to try and sell yourself as the best candidate. Your resume can help you do just that.

Are there different types of resumes you can use?

Yes there are – descriptions such as functional resumes, chronological resumes and combination resumes are often used. In order to choose the best one for your needs you have to know about each individual one. There are different situations in which one resume might be better to use than another one.

For example a functional resume gives you the chance to present the skills you have gained during your work career, as well as the experience you have in certain job roles. It is ideal if you want to take on a totally new career or you feel your experience is worth pointing out.

A chronological resume is exactly what it sounds like – it presents your entire work history in chronological order. This means every job position you have held is listed, from the one you are in now to your first ever job.

In contrast a combination resume takes the best of both and provides a potential employer with more information about your skills as well as your work history. Typically speaking the skills comes first, so you can tailor these and your experience more closely to the job you want to get. You would then add your work history after this, so the employer can see what you have done in the past as well.

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