Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you had the chance to ask a selection of employers which mistakes they see in the resumes people send them, you would no doubt hear the same ones popping up again and again. Luckily you don’t need to ask them because it is very easy to find out the things to avoid if you know where to look.

Here, we’ve shared some of the popular errors people keep on making – precisely so you don’t end up making them yourself!  

  • People don’t sell their accomplishments. It’s not good enough to list the things you do and the tasks you are responsible for in your daily work life. Tell people what you’ve achieved for the business instead.
  • It’s not necessary to list every single job you’ve had. Of course if you’ve only got a couple of years of work experience then listing everything will be an advantage. But if you have been working for twenty years or more, just list ten to fifteen years worth and leave it at that.
  • The resume is not easy on the eye. This particular section of the article uses bullet points – and you should put them to good use in your resume too. A page chock full of type is going to be a real turn off to any employer who has dozens of resumes to read.
  • People don’t check their resumes before sending them. We’re not just talking about double checking your facts here. We’re also talking about checking for spelling and grammar. It doesn’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner but it should be efficient and well put together. Sloppy writing can immediately cast your resume – and you – to one side.
  • It’s not relevant. Remember you are applying for a job here. Your resume should sell you to the employer but it won’t do that if you focus on irrelevancies, hobbies or jobs that don’t relate to the one you are applying for. Even if you are changing careers you should still look for skills and abilities you can transfer between them.

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