How to Find a New Career Using Skills You Already Possess

How to Find a New Career Using Skills You Already Possess

Lots of people spend some time building up skills in one particular type of work, only to realize they would like to change tack and try something else altogether. This can seem like a huge waste of time, but if you think about it carefully you will probably realize that this is not the case.

Lots of skills can be transferred from one job to another, so don’t get disheartened if you feel like you’ve wasted the last few years in a job you now want to leave. As you’ll see from the following pointers, there are two ways you can approach this situation.

Identifying your existing skills so you can unearth a new career

Not everyone knows which new career they want to focus on. They just know they don’t want to be in the career they are in now.

If this sounds familiar the best place you can start is with what you know. Lock yourself away with a notepad and pen and think of all the skills you currently have. For instance you might have computing skills because you work in an office. These can be transferred into all kinds of other careers so they are perfectly usable elsewhere.

If you work in a store you might enjoy working with the general public. There are countless jobs that would involve this kind of interaction, so again this could give you a clue to the kind of work you would like to do. As you can see, highlighting your existing skills and taking the clues you can gain from them is a good way to figure out where you want to go next.

See which of your current skills will be ideal for the new career you have in mind

Some people know the exact career they want to change their current career path for. If you know where you want to be heading, this is certainly good news. All you have to do here is to pick out the skills you know you already possess, and make sure you sell them to any potential employer you happen to come across.

Many skills are transferable between career paths, so you should make the most of those you have and start working towards learning those you don’t have.

Think about your passions!

It does sound dramatic doesn’t it? But in truth a lot of people ignore their passions to go for careers they feel are safe. In truth, the career that will be the safest for you is the one you love the most. This is the career you excel in.

If you really feel you have no idea about the career you want to go for, go back to your list of current skills. The skills you have right now will hold clues about what else you could do – and perhaps more importantly, what you would enjoy doing. Having the enjoyment and passion for a new career is the best way to spot what you should be doing next.

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