Effective Job Search Strategies

Effective Job Search Strategies

It’s one thing to prepare for job interviews and to be ready with a good resume; it’s quite another to be able to find jobs to apply for in the first place.

Most people will be looking for jobs in the obvious places and there is certainly nothing wrong with this. Notice boards and local job ads are two of the more obvious outlets for looking at job vacancies. But it pays to think laterally as well.

For instance have you thought about networking? You have friends, family and even colleagues that may all have potential leads for you. But if they don’t know you are looking for work you could be missing out on some significant opportunities. Let as many people as possible know what kind of work you are after; you might be surprised at what comes of it.

Another way to network is to do it online. Now we have the internet to rely on many of us look for job openings online as well. There are plenty of websites that have hundreds of jobs available, and many social networking sites can be good for finding potential work too. Never underestimate the power of the internet to produce some worthwhile leads for you.

Remember too that not all jobs are blatantly advertised. Most of us have heard of people who got a particular job by asking for it. Large companies – and even some smaller ones – might be worth writing to on the off chance. You never know whether your resume will hit the right desk at the right time, and it shows initiative to take the lead instead of waiting for a job position to be advertised.

Employment agencies can also be useful. Some of them specialise in a particular line of work, while others are more general. Always start by working out what kind of job you want. This tactic will make any job hunt easier to manage, because you can be more focused from the start.

The more strategies you use to ensure your job hunt is successful, the sooner you can start celebrating that new job.

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