What Questions Should You Ask During a Job Interview?

What Questions Should You Ask During a Job Interview?

When most people think about being interviewed they think about being on the receiving end of all the questions. But of course if the interview goes well you may be given the opportunity to ask some questions of your own. If you have been scheduled for an interview in the near future, it is worth thinking about what kinds of questions you might ask if the time comes.

Firstly it is important to remember that this is not an opportunity to fire away lots of different questions. Similarly asking anything that you should already know isn’t a good idea, as it reveals you to be someone who doesn’t do their research. For instance if the job advert stated what the working hours would be and you ask that question in the interview, it could reflect badly on you.

It is good to think about focusing your questions on the position you have applied for, as well as on the company itself. Asking questions about the job role means you are interested in finding out more about it, and you have clearly thought about it before taking part in the interview. This has a double benefit – you end up looking interested and engaged with the role, and you will find out more information as well.

Asking about the potential future of the company is a good topic as well. This clearly states the fact that you are interested in their future and how you might be a part of it. Lots of people don’t take the opportunity to ask any questions at all during their interview, but in truth it can make you stand apart from the competition. The key is to ask the right questions, as we have seen above.

You can see that the questions you should ask relate to the business and to the job rather than anything else. These prove you have a real interest in the company and any interviewer will note that and appreciate it. They would much rather hire someone with a genuine interest in the company than someone who is just after another job.

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