What are the Biggest Job Interview Mistakes?

What are the Biggest Job Interview Mistakes?

When you have done all the hard work needed to reach the interview stage of any job application, you don’t want to ruin it by making a mistake during the interview itself. Instead you want to be sure you can successfully navigate the experience so you stand the best chance of getting the job.

The first thing to avoid is wearing the wrong clothes. It is not enough to say you should wear a suit since it depends on the job you are applying for. Office based positions will require it, but if you are applying for a casual position you should simply dress smartly but more casually. Find out in advance what is expected of you if need be.

Next, make sure you do your best to accurately answer every question you are asked. We all get nervous at interviews but if you clam up and can’t talk at all you’re not going to make a good impression. Instead make sure you rehearse some answers and don’t ramble on for ages either. It’s a delicate balance but one that is worth practicing!

Timing is another thing to be aware of. Obviously you should always be on time and never be late, but it’s best not to be overly early either. Get there in plenty of time and wander round the block until about ten minutes before you are due for the interview.

Take some cues from the interviewer as well. Some are more at ease than others. If you come up against a brisk and efficient interviewer don’t make the mistake of being too casual. On the other hand a more relaxed interviewer can make for a better experience; in this case it would be wrong to be extremely formal. Take your cue from however your interviewer acts.

Remember also to treat everyone you meet in the building with respect. Some people make the mistake of not bothering to be polite with anyone but the interviewer. But remember you don’t know who those other people are. Don’t make a bad first impression before you even begin.

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