Writing Cover Letters That Get Attention

Writing Cover Letters That Get Attention

When you apply for a new job – no matter what it might be or who it might be for – there are two things you need to create. The first one is your resume – a single page document that tells the employer what skills and achievements you have to your name – and the second one is a cover letter.

Many people put lots of focus on their resume, and there is nothing wrong with this. But you should also make sure you put some work into a cover letter. Think of it like this – your letter will be the first thing the employer sees, not your resume. If you state the obvious and say you are attaching a resume for consideration, you’re not going to grab their attention. You are likely to bore them instead – and very quickly too.

Remember that if you really want that job you have to stand out from the other applicants. Producing a cover letter that sells your best skills and achievements is the best way to get ahead of the crowd. Treat it as a tempting but brief insight into what awaits the employer when they look at your resume – you can be sure you’ll get on the right pile to be considered if you do.

So instead of saying you’d like to be considered for the job and here’s your resume, give them a flavor of what they will get if they hire you. Think about how your skills and achievements will benefit THEM – and go from there. Put yourself in the position of the employer – would you consider yourself for an interview by reading the cover letter? If you honestly wouldn’t, you can’t expect them to consider you either.

You may have heard people saying you should sell the sizzle instead of the actual sausage. This holds true for resumes too. Instead of selling your skills, sell your achievements and how they can benefit the employer if they were to hire you. This will vastly improve your chances of being the one to get a job offer.

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